Nupur Ka Rishta

Nupur Ka Rishta


2 September 1987 Virgo  

New Delhi, India

she did her Bachelors. very simple prsnality

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Don’t Know

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She personally has a simple approach to her life. Her mother is a homemaker. She has 1 brother (married) and 1 sister (married). Her father is no more with us.

Purpose of joining this website :

— Marriage
— Family






5,2 ft (157-159 cm)


51-60 kg


Do not drink


Yes, we live together

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Live with parents

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Bachelors Degree

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Not Applicable


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— Man

Preferred Diet:

— Veg
— Non-Veg

Whom I want to find:

someone who will care for her and her daughter

Preferred Religion:

— Hindu

Finance support:

No need for a sponsor

Preferred age:

— 31-35
— 36-40


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